The Engaged Encounter is a weekend away with other engaged couples that provides time in both groups and alone as a couple to dialogue honestly and intensively about your new life together.

Ideas presented by a team of married couples and a priest stimulate personal reflection and private couple dialogue. Topics for discussion include: strengths and weaknesses, desires, ambitions, goals, attitudes about money, sexuality, children, family, and your roles in Church and society.  Also central to this weekend is the Sunday Mass celebration.

All weekends begin Friday evening and close Sunday afternoon.  
All meals and accomodations are included in the reservation fee.


Events have been canceled

Any questions regaurding this: dev@camdendiocese.onmicrosoft.com


"I don't have much experience with religion... everyone here was so accepting and kind, it was a very positive experience for me!" 

"I did this because I had to, but I think it was a valuable tool." 

"[It was] a fantastic step for us in teaching how to continue to choose to loving one another."

"The greatest thing about this experience was having the time to talk about important questions and meeting with other couples!"

This was a "safe place to grow in my faith with my fiance."

This weekend "focused and redirected my priorities.  Ihad been getting caught up in the wedding planning; this re-centered me."

Engaged Encounter "helped us grow together in our faith and God's role in our relationship."


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